Starting with AEDEC, a school populated by over 2000 middle and high school students from all over Africa, we have been working hard to get computers accessible to people in Africa.  We feel that access to computers brings people one step closer to equality worldwide.  Access to the Internet brings information to people's fingertips, communication to the farthest reaches of the Earth, and removes many of the limitations put on various civilizations by a lack of technology.  This is an ongoing effort, and one well worth exploring.  Thank you for your support.

After installing a computer lab (10 networked computers and a printer) at the AEDEC school in 2007, we are now realizing the benefits of our work there.  For example, the AEDEC school has been scoring higher than all other schools in Senegal in English language studies, mainly attributed to Internet access.  Similarly, more students went off to college in the last year than had ever done so before in the school's almost 40 year history.

Now the challenge is to keep the computer lab running, and to expand it so that each computer is not being shared by more than 200 students.  We are raising funds to target this need, to maintain, replace, and purchase new computers and computer equipment for the AEDEC school computer lab.

To make the process easy and affordable, we are seeking $25 shares towards this commitment.  To download the application and to learn more, click here