A3D focuses on helping African communities around the world. Our current focus is on helping those in West Africa to better their lives and to do more than just survive. Every cent counts, and we are looking for your support.

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We are currently seeking to raise funds for the following projects:

We are seeking to raise $10,000 to host the Salem CultureFest this year. The Salem CultureFest is a great way of getting the local community aware of our efforts, all while having a great time. This event also acts as a way for A3D to raise funds for our projects, but the cost of putting this event on is, by itself, substantial. Costs associated with the CultureFest include paying for performers, utilizing the space (utilities, permits, insurance, etc.), and many other incidental costs. Your support is greatly appreciated. Note that a portion of our CultureFest net proceeds will be returned to the community each year. Past recipients include HAWC and the Foundation for Salem Public Education.

We are seeking to raise $65 per desk, or $1200 per classroom (20 desks) for schools in Africa.  We are starting in West Africa, with the first school being the AEDEC school in Dakar, Senegal.

To make the process easy and affordable, we are seeking $25 shares towards this commitment.  To download the application and to learn more, click here

Starting with AEDEC, a school populated by over 2000 middle and high school students from all over Africa, we have been working hard to get computers accessible to people in Africa.  We feel that access to computers brings people one step closer to equality worldwide.  Access to the Internet brings information to people's fingertips, communication to the farthest reaches of the Earth, and removes many of the limitations put on various civilizations by a lack of technology.  This is an ongoing effort, and one well worth exploring.

We are seeking $20,000 towards distributing approximately $500,000 of medical equipment to West Africa. This act will benefit thousands of people.  We have the contacts, recipients, and means to make it all happen. Now, we are working towards acquiring the funding to make it happen. You can help.